Rental Questions

Payment and Reservation Process

Q: Do I need to make a deposit?

A: We do not require a deposit for our rentals.  We simply need a valid I.D. and payment at the time you pick up the item, or payment when we deliver or setup your event rental.

Q:  When do I pay for my event rental?

A:  We prefer to have you pay ahead of time at the store to avoid confusion.  We require that you pay before we begin setup.

Q:  Can I pay over the phone?

A:  No.  We need to physically have your credit card to charge it and we require a signature.

Q:  What if I need to cancel my order?

A:  We ask that you respectfully give us 48 hours notice on event rentals, 24 hours notice for equipment rentals.

Q:  Do I have to make a reservation ahead of time to rent equipment?

A:  No.  You can always stop in to rent any item, but keep in mind that without a reservation the item you want may already be in use.

Q:  What if I rent an item and don’t use it?

A:  All items that leave our store are considered rented and no refund can be given.

Q:  I had a problem with my item, do I get a refund?

A:  Any problems you experience with our rental equipment need to be reported to us immediately by phone.  If we are not contacted to alert us to a potential problem then no refund will be given.  If an items breaks during normal use, we will reasonably return your rental fee.  If the item was abused or used with operator error, no refund will be given.  It is our responsibility to instruct the user how to operate the equipment when the item leaves our store.  It is your responsibility to operate the equipment in a safe and correct manor.

Delivery Process

Q:  When will my item be delivered?

A:  Standard delivery and pickup times go from shortly after 8am when we open, until 5pm in the evening.  We will work with you to setup a delivery time window of when to expect us.  Do to the complex nature of tent installations, it is very difficult to schedule an exact time for setup.  Our trucks make many stops during the day.  Schedules are made a couple days ahead of time.  We respect your time and promise to make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

Q:  Do you do late night deliveries and pickups?

A:  For an additional fee, anything is possible.

Q:  What is the delivery fee?

A:  Delivery fees are based on the miles we travel.  Call us with your exact location for a quote.

Event Rental Specific

Q:  You guys are setting up a tent in my yard, when should I cut the grass?

A:  Please do not cut the grass immediately prior to us setting up a tent.  The tent must be laid out on the ground during the setup process and the grass clippings will stick to the canopy.  Please allow a 2-3 day window for the clippings to settle.

Q:  Do I need to be home while you are setting up my tent?

A:  Yes, initially at least.  We ask that one adult be present when we arrive to show us where to setup.  Some tent setups take quite a bit of time to complete, so we understand if you do not stay for the entirety of the process.

Q:  How many people fit around the tables?

A:  Both our 60″ round and 8′ long tables will seat 8 people.

Q:  Is there a weight limit on the chairs?

A:  Yes.  250 lbs on our standard folding chairs, 300 lbs for the Wimbledon resin chairs.

Q:  A storm blew my tent down!  What do I do?

A:  Call us!  We will do everything in our power to get the tent back up in time for your event.  However, sometimes mother nature wins.  The tents are not indestructible.  The small chance of a severe storm happening during your event is a chance you must be willing to take.

Rental Policies

Q:  What if the item I rented gets lost, stolen or destroyed?

A:  The renter is responsible for routine daily care & cleaning. In case of loss, theft, or destruction, the renter will be responsible for replacement with equal equipment or cash in lieu there of.

Q:  I rented an item for 4 hours but only used it for 2.  Can I use the other 2 hours next time I rent?

A:  No.  Your 4 hour rental must be 4 consecutive hours.