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Husqvarna Z246 w/20HP Endurance Engine

If you want an affordable homeowner grade zero turn mower that you can depend on to take care of your property, this is the choice.  The Husqvarna Z246 provides a no frills, low cost experience option for owning a brand new mower.  You will love the 3 year warranty and the service that comes with it from McAuliffe’s, Marysville’s mower destination.

  • 20 Hp Endurance Enginge (Briggs & Stratton)
  • 46″ Stamped Cutting Deck, 13 gauge
  • 967 27 15-01
  • Anti-scalp wheels
  • Automatic park brake
  • Pneumatic tires
  • 2.4 acres per hour productivity
  • 6.5 mph speed
  • Electronically engaging clutch
  • 2 cutting blades with 16600 feet per minute blade tip speed
  • Cast aluminium blade spindles
  • Hydro-gear ZT-2200 (EZT) transaxle


Weight 580 lbs