electrical receptacles in store bin

Don’t get lost in those big box stores! You will find everything you need to finish that electrical project at McAuliffe’s Ace.  We stock a complete line of electrical boxes, wiring, conduit, BX and Romex fittings and connectors, outlets, switches, wall plates, extension cords, lamp repair parts and lighting.  Best of all, our helpful advice is free.

Looking for a hard to find light bulb? We have the largest selection in the area. If we don’t have it, we’ll special order it for you. Same with batteries!  Order online at acehardware.com and take advantage of free shipping to the store with free in-store pickup.

Bargain shopping?  Find some amazing deals on various light bulbs at our online garage sale!

If you haven’t switched your business to LED lighting, now is the time!  Take advantage of the local utility rebate program and make the switch today.  We are experienced with LED retrofits and will help you through the process, start to finish.

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